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Episode 5: All Of It Doesn't Make Sense - The New World Order

Part 1 ~ Stacie

Individuals may disagree on exactly who is to blame, but most can agree they are hiding in plain sight. Wealth, power, and control are their only motivators. Humans are predictable, and they want to exploit that. They wait in the shadows, making slow, calculated moves toward their goal of world domination. Today, I will tell you the unsettling story of the New World Order.


This particular theory is very broad. There are a lot of factors at play here when I talk about the New World Order and what that means. A very generalized version of it is that a group of elites are going to take over every nation, executing the New World Order. That’s pretty much where the consensus ends, as this theory ties in with a number of other theories. We don’t know who is going to do it, when they are going to do it, or why they are going to do it, but we will someday be taken over by a mysterious group.

To speak freely here, there are actually a few things within this theory that are sort of true, depending on how you view the motivations of the NWO. For example, in the United States, the wealthy often provide influence to politicians. They provide the money, and the politicians will do what they can to keep the rich wealthy. So, in a way, the elites are already taking control over a nation that seeks to keep the status quo.


That being said, we’re not here to be Debbie Downers. We’re here to talk about the NWO theories! So, let’s first talk about who might be involved. And just to mention really quickly, the format of this portion of the episode is going to be more of a list from this point on as we try and narrow down the possibilities for 5 W’s + H. We will probably go into these theories a bit more in depth in future episodes.

Bilderberg Meetings

These secret meetings, named after the building in which the first meeting was held, have been occurring since 1954. Participants of the Bilderberg meetings are wealthy, powerful people in the United States and Europe. Around 120-150 elites meet every year to discuss issues in the world and ways to solve them. Participants claim that no actual decisions or votes are being made during the conference, and its secrecy fosters free speech without fear of media interference. However, it’s quite possible that all of these influential people are getting together to discuss world domination.

The Freemasons and The Illuminati

As we have mentioned time and time again in this podcast, a lot of these theories overlap. The inclusion of the Freemasons and Illuminati is inevitable, as they also resemble the Bilderberg Group. Secret, shadowy meetings occur and they claim that nothing really happens, yet it is important to their identities. It is said that perhaps these groups are going to execute the NWO like they have wanted to do for so long.


I’m going to discuss both a who and a why here. Some theorize that occultists are banning together to bring on the age of the antichrist. That is their version of the NWO--a world in which Satan reigns supreme.


Whoop. There it is. We always seem to talk about aliens here. In this case, it could be a race of lizard people that have crawled up from the hollow earth to infiltrate the human race and eventually take over. This lovely theory is brought to you in part by David Icke, known conspiracy theorist, so you know it’s credible.


Absolute Power

This is kind of a given, but having the ability to keep an entire race under your control without resistance is one of the ultimate goals of the NWO. If every single person serves one government and has complete faith in them, then they will do whatever is asked of them. As we will see shortly, world domination doesn’t just happen overnight. First, the world must be conditioned.

Population Control

This is where we get into a little bit of a eugenics discussion, but I’ll keep it brief. Essentially, the NWO can create subservient individuals by reducing the population. This can happen in a number of ways this can happen, and the fingers are pointed at both American political parties. If you’re conservative, you’d say it’s the liberal agenda of giving everyone contraceptives and forcing abortions. On the other hand, liberals will say that conservative anti-vaxxers are reducing the population by allowing their kids to die of horrible diseases. I’m not going to continue this part of the discussion because eugenics is icky, and there are a lot of real, horrible ways that it is happening in this country.


Gradualism and Mind Control

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the NWO. Hiding in the shadows, the leaders of the NWO are slowly getting humans more comfortable with the thought of a totalitarian planet. By causing a number of disasters, including war, pandemics, and financial strain, people will be forced to devote their lives to a government that will protect them. In some cases, the elite may have to get us more comfortable with the NWO by controlling the media in which we consume. For example, movies and tv shows that depict the government as a perfect entity that cares about its citizens could be propaganda. Maybe they are using our dependence on smartphones as a means to one day project a signal or a message that will cause us to fall in line. Who knows?

Mass Surveillance

We have heard a number of times about how we are constantly being surveilled. In some cases, it’s the NSA, in others, it’s our own electronic devices that are ratting us out. One of the more ambitious theories are ways for the NWO to implant micro tracking chips into our bodies to monitor our every move.

Coup d'état

This is certainly the most cinematic way for the NWO to take effect. The French roughly translates to seizure of the state, meaning a coup to take over. As depicted in Hal Lindsey’s book, The Late, Great Planet Earth, black helicopters will swarm the citizens of Earth, unleashing a secret team of UN troops, making resistance futile. The human race will be forced to yield to the onslaught of forces bringing in the NWO and will then be detained until they are proven useful.


In conclusion, my brain hurts. Maybe that’s because of the mind control, but it is clear that each theory brought up could possibly be its own episode. The NWO is a theory that includes a lot of unfortunate truths, and it seems as though there is more to uncover. Can this NWO be stopped? Well, in order to fight the enemy, we must first know our enemy. Starting with the possible headquarters of the executors of the NWO, the Denver Airport.

Part 2 ~ Rachel

We all know traveling can be hell, but there’s one place that just might take that idea literally: the Denver International Airport.

The largest airport in the United States, and the second largest in the world, the DIA currently has non-stop service to 215 destinations. But when the end times arrive, one more destination might be added to the list. That’s right, the Denver Airport’s runway—the longest in North America—might lead straight through the gates of Hell.

There are so many theories surrounding the New World Order that I want to focus our conspiracy lens. For this argument’s sake, we’ll assume that the New World Order comprises those who have made deals with the devil to gain wealth and power. They therefore aim to subvert Christianity and prepare the masses to get on board with a new religion—imperialism. These tactics have been prophesied in the Bible. When we find NWO messages, we therefore have a choice: we can see them as means to prepare ourselves for what they say is coming and convert, maybe getting a spot in their bunkers, or we can see them as fulfilling the prophecies of the end times. Either way, it’s not looking good for us, folks.

On a Pale Horse

To start us out, I’m going to share some relevant verses from chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation, wherein some guy named John shares a vision he had of the end times.(I have abridged it.)

“And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. [John talks about the first three horses of the apocalypse, and the beast keeps showing him more stuff.] 8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. [He describes some more stuff here] 14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains."

Some salient points to remember: the fourth horse of the apocalypse is merely called “pale,” and he carries Death and is followed by Hell. (The other horses I skipped were assigned actual colors.) Next, the whole bit about “mighty men” hiding in the rocks of the mountains is important.

Let’s start with the pale horse. I’ve only been to Denver once, about three years ago, when I went to visit a friend for my birthday. As we were leaving the airport, this gigantic, 32-foot light blue horse with glowing red eyes sent a terrifying chill through me, and I blurted out, “What the fuck is that?” And my friend was like, “You don’t know about Blucifer?”

Photo by Mike Sinko via Flickr Creative Commons

Blucifer, like many aspects of the Denver International Airport, has a bizarre backstory. His artist, Luis Jimenez, was tragically killed when Blucifer’s head fell off and severed an artery in Jimenez’s leg. The artist’s family completed the commission, and Blucifer was installed two years after Jimenez’s death. With its glowing, deathly eyes, fierce scowl, and scarred body, this horse is nothing short of terrifying. Now, if this is indeed the fourth horse of the apocalypse, it has already carried death. That means that Hell is surely in its wake.

Blucifer was commissioned in 1993 but wasn’t completed until 2008. This is an aspect it shares with the Airport itself—having a history of delays and lawsuits. DIA opened in 1995, a year and a half late, and more than two billion dollars over budget. There were a ton of design changes and contract disputes, which, beyond delaying the opening and costing a lot of money, also made it really difficult to pinpoint who was responsible for what. It also makes it difficult to figure out where those two billion extra dollars went.

Unless you know about the underground tunnels and bunkers.


Image courtesy of the Denver International Airport. Hiding in plain sight!

This theory has teeth for a couple reasons. One, we know for sure for sure that there’s a massive infrastructure of tunnels below the airport. Ostensibly, these tunnels were part of a now defunct baggage transport system that was supposed to be top-of-the-line, but ended up malfunctioning more than functioning. From what I can tell, it was an automated system that ended up chucking a lot of baggage into the air. When a worker talked about a multi-layer, vast system of tunnels and bunkers, his claims were written off as referring to just these baggage tunnels, though the man insisted there were several layers below the known baggage tunnels. This worker later died by suicide, before being able to answer any more questions. Now, some reporters have been allowed to check out the tunnels, where no one found evidence of anything more below them. But interestingly enough, the baggage tunnels are located, according to the elevator, on level three.

There are no levels one or two.

Or are there?

So if the New World Order were preparing for the apocalypse by building underground bunkers and escape tunnels within the mountains of Colorado, this certainly aligns with the prophecy of rich and mighty men hiding in the dens of mountains.

Beyond Blucifer and the tunnels, there are a ton of oddities that many people point to as evidence of the New World Order using the DIA as its secret command center. What I couldn’t figure out is why would the NWO leave these clues in the first place? If they wanted to remain secret, why leave clues at all? And that’s when I realized that it has to be more than just about politics and power, and it is definitely about apocalypse and end times. The way I see it, these clues were meant to serve as a warning by the New World Order, and perhaps those of us who heed these warnings will be spared, maybe invited into the bunkers, etc. However, if the New World Order is aligned with the antichrist’s mission of destroying Christianity, then these signs, symbols, and warnings only serve to show the fulfillment of end time prophecies. Perhaps the Order knows this and is biting its thumb at John’s Revelation—or perhaps they are being moved by the hand of God and are too blinded by their own hubris to realize it. The “why” of it is still up in the air—but here are some of the “whats.”

Those Fucking Nazis Again

There’s way more Nazi imagery in DIA than there is in most airports. Their runways are set up to allow for planes to take off in all four directions, and some people see this as forming a swastika. You can Google an aerial image of this and decide for yourself—because of all the straight lines and right angles, you can definitely see this image emerge, but you’d have to overlook quite a bit in my opinion. I will admit, though, when I first searched the image, I was like, “Hmmm, yeah, I can see that.” Other airports, who also have to allow planes to take off in every direction, have been able to avoid this imagery.

"Children of the World Dream of Peace" by Leo Taguma. Photo courtesy of Denver International Airport.

The other place where a Nazi can be found is within a gigantic, gorgeous mural called “Children of the World Dream of Peace” by Leo Tanguma. It’s a diptych, meaning its two separate paintings that work together. The big one shows a bunch of kids from all over the world cheering over the corpse of a Nazi soldier. The second one is smaller and frankly terrifying. It’s ostensibly the same soldier that’s shown as a corpse in the first one, only he is now alive and well. And he’s holding a machine gun in one hand, and killing a dove with a sword in the other hand, while children cower (or are dead?) in fright. Women line up holding what looks like dead babies? It’s truly terrifying.

The artist says that this is meant to show how children dream of peace in a world filled with war, and how if nations join together, we can achieve peace and happiness. I one hundred percent believe this and think that he succeeds in expressing this point of view—especially if this mural were found in a museum. But it’s not. It’s found in the NWO headquarters.

The way this is positioned in the airport is with the larger of the two—the one with the children and the dead Nazi—on the left, and the smaller—the one with the alive and terrifying Nazi—on the right. So if you read this like a story, it begins with a world united against Nazis and it ends with a resurrection of the worst sort. So regardless of the artists intention, this could be the New World Order sending a very different message.

Other Suspicious Artwork

Nazis and murder horses aren’t the only scary things at the airport. There are also a couple of gargoyles known as “Notre Denver” who peer at you above baggage claim. The artist of these gargoyles, Terry Allen, says the idea came to him when he realized that baggage claims are “like cathedrals,” and the gargoyles were there to act as protection, as they do in churches. But why would a baggage claim need protection from gargoyles, unless there was something more dangerous than a tag-less bag? Gargoyles were meant to protect you against satanic evil, not just travel inconveniences. And gargoyles aren’t just there for protection, as Terry Allen says. They were also originally designed as warnings of how horrible hell is, so a largely illiterate Medieval public had a visual reminder to get to church. So these gargoyles can very well be more like doorknockers to the gates of hell.

Images courtesy of the Denver International Airport

Also, let’s not forget who historically makes gargoyles—that’s right, the Freemasons, who likely have a role in the New World Order. And while we can’t be sure the gargoyles are a wink at the Freemasons, we can be sure of the capstone that bears the Masonic symbol, as well as a message of gratitude to “The New World Airport Commission.” This commission, by the way, doesn’t exist. Of course, nobody was that surprised that the Freemasons had a hand in the construction of the airport. After all, the Denver Mayor, Wellington Webb, was a Freemason.

It All Makes Too Much Sense

The New World Order has a lot on its plate, so it makes sense that any messages it sends would be cryptic and difficult to piece together, even more so if some of these messages both fly in the face of and support apocalyptic prophecy. Perhaps these most powerful men of the New World Order have built miles and miles of bunkers and tunnels to hide from the wrath of God but have failed to realize that the pale horse that guards them promises not only death, but the fires of hell itself.

What's Your Story?

Have you been through the DIA or any other suspicious airports? Let us know what you noticed. We're sure it has something to do with the New World Order.


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